If you are looking for natural baking clay for your modelling, sculpting or turning projects, then Gédéo Baking Clay is the perfect option for you.

This 100% natural potter’s clay is available in two natural colors: white and red. It is practical and its clayey nature allows you to create very fine details when modeling. In addition, this clay has very good resistance, hardness and solidity after firing, retaining its natural color.

Its behavior with the ceramic glazes on the market is exceptional. To make clay containers waterproof without cooking, you can use clay waterproofing agent, which is acrylic resin-based and has a yellow color to identify any gaps on application. Transparent when dry, it is easy to use and perfect for this type of project.

To sculpt your clay, we recommend the set of 4 modeling tools including the mirette, the roughing tool, the estèque and the wire to be cut. These tools will help you carve the earth easily.

Very soft, fine clay, recommended for modelling, sculpting and pottery. Bake at 980°C in a pottery kiln. Gédéo Oven-bake Clay is 100% natural (pottery clay). Ideal for modelling, sculpture and pottery. It keeps its vibrant color after firing. It works exceptionally well with the ceramic enamels on the market. When the piece is finished, allow to air dry. We recommend firing in a kiln between 980 and 1050 ºC (1800-1925 ºF) and decorating with enamel. It stays stable in its original packaging

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Red, White


1,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg


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