Our story...

 … begins with Elli, a little girl who had a deep passion for beauty and painting, dreaming to become an artist.

As she grew up, her love for art only intensified, leading her to study at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, where she specialized in painting and fashion. While spending countless hours in her studio, Elli became acutely aware of the challenges artists faced when trying to find high-quality art supplies. The time-consuming process of searching for the right materials became a hurdle in her creative journey. Driven by her own experiences, Elli envisioned a solution – an art supply store that would provide quick and convenient access to top-notch supplies. She shared her idea with Calin, a doctor with a keen interest in IT and business. Recognizing the potential of Elli’s vision, Calin eagerly joined her in this endeavor, becoming both her business and life partner. Together, Elli and Calin embarked on a mission to bring artists closer to their creative dreams. They founded Art Paint Shop, an online store with a clear purpose – to make high-quality art supplies easily accessible to everyone at affordable prices. They believed that creative expression should not be hindered by the lack of resources, and thus, they dedicated themselves to curating a vast collection of supplies from esteemed brands.

Elli and Calin’s passion for art and their commitment to supporting artists on their creative journey continue to drive Art Paint Shop forward. They believe that art has the power to transform lives and that every artist deserves the opportunity to express themselves fully. With Art Paint Shop, they aim to be the catalysts that empower artists to unleash their imagination and create masterpieces that inspire the world. Art Paint Shop proudly partnered with renowned manufacturers such as Royal Talens, Marabu, Pebeo, Kreul, Royal & Langnickel, Da Vinci, Pentart, Standardgraph, and many others. By collaborating with these industry leaders, Art Paint Shop ensured that artists would have access to the finest tools and materials needed to bring their artistic visions to life.

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Our story

Art Paint Shop's Story

Art Paint Shop is the result of a simple yet powerful idea that emerged in 2019. It all began when a talented painter, frustrated by the difficulty of finding high quality artist supplies, expressed their grievances to a group of friends. This sparked a discussion among various artists, who echoed the sentiment and shared their own experiences of wasting precious time visiting multiple stores to purchase their materials. The consensus was clear – there was a need for an art supplies store that not only offered top-notch products but also provided the convenience of competitive prices and doorstep delivery. And so, Art Paint Shop was born.

Initially catering to the needs of European customers, Art Paint Shop has steadily expanded its reach to cater to artists across the globe. Today, we proudly serve customers in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the USA, making it easier than ever for artists to access the tools they need to fuel their creativity.

At Art Paint Shop, we take immense pride in curating an extensive range of high-quality supplies. From vibrant acrylics that burst with color to exquisite oil paints that bring depth to any canvas, we strive to offer a diverse selection that meets the unique needs of every artist. We understand that art knows no boundaries, which is why we also stock a variety of fineliners and pencils suited for young aspiring artists.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the products we offer. We firmly believe that every artist deserves to have their artistic vision come to life, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that you find everything you need to create your own art. And if by chance, you don’t find what you’re looking for, simply let us know, and our dedicated team will make every effort to source it for you.

Art Paint Shop is more than just an online store – it is a haven for artists seeking inspiration and the right tools to bring their imagination to life. With a seamless shopping experience, competitive prices, and a vast array of high-quality supplies, we are committed to supporting artists on their creative journey. Join us at Art Paint Shop and unleash your artistic potential with the finest materials at your fingertips.

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