Discover Pébéo’s Gédéo Resin range, your ally for exceptional molding and casting creations.

This two-component resin allows you to achieve professional results while being easy to use, whether you are a seasoned artist or an avid beginner. Thanks to the Gédéo Resin range, you can bring your most creative ideas to life and make unique pieces using the molding and casting technique.

The two components of the resin mix easily and offer great fluidity, which facilitates application and guarantees impeccable results. Whether you want to create jewelry, decorative objects or artistic elements, the Resin Gédéo range is ideal for mixed media and Mixed Media®. It fits perfectly into your artistic projects by allowing you to combine resin with other materials such as paint, pigments, glitter and much more.

The ease of use of the Resin Gédéo range makes it a perfect choice for all levels of experience. Whether you’re a professional artist looking for flawless results or an avid hobbyist looking to explore new techniques, this resin gives you the creative freedom you need. Two-component epoxy resin system: resin and curing agent. Transparent and solid, perfectly imitates glass paste. Allows the creation of moulds, inclusions up to 2 cm thick for a small volume, coatings or laminates. Intended for experienced and professional users.

Applications :

Moulding of decorative objects, tray backgrounds, creation of jewelry, decoration of supports, inclusions of maximum 2cm thickness for a small volume. In a thin layer, Crystal Resin gives a varnish effect on your creations.

  1. In a dry and clean container, pour first 1 part of Crystal B hardener and then 2 parts of Crystal A resin.
  2. Mix the two components well until the corners of the container (incomplete mixing does not guarantee hardening, mixing too vigorously will cause bubbles to appear). Transfer the mixture to a second container and mix again to ensure homogeneity of the resin and optimal curing.
  3. Pour into the substrate of your choice.
  4. Allow to dry for 24 hours in a dust-free environment.

Setting time is gradual and variable depending on ambient temperature and humidity.

Crystal Resin is ideal for Pebeo mixed media.

Gedeo tips:

  • To know the quantity of each component and not waste the product, fill the mold to be used with water and pour into a measuring container: one third of the volume for the hardener and two thirds for the resin. Dry the mold and the measuring container well before pouring in the Crystal Resin.
  • The resin takes on the surface appearance of the substrate into which it is poured. A matte mold will give a matte finish, a glossy mold a glossy finish.
  • To give a glossy look to a matte finish, use Gédéo GLOSS+ varnish or Gédéo Crystal Resin in a thin layer.
  • Sand the surfaces before reapplying on the hardened resin.
  • To allow your creation to take shape, you can unmold after 12 hours of drying and, for example, place your molding around a bottle to give it a curved shape. The complete hardening occurs after 24 hours.
  • We advise you to protect your creations with the application of a layer of Bindex glossy 24 hours before pouring the Crystal Resin.

Precautions :

  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes, wear gloves.
  • Only objects cast in metal molds intended for this purpose can be used as jewelry.
  • Do not mix the components of Gédéo Crystal Resin with the components of Gédéo Glaze Resin.
  • Do not exceed 150ml of Gédéo Crystal Resin preparation per mixture to limit any risk of overheating.
  • Gédéo resins are not intended to be placed in contact with food.
  • Crystal Resin applications, even when dry, do not tolerate contact with water.
  • Do not exceed 2 cm casting thickness.
Weight N/A

150 ml, 300 ml, 750 ml


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