“White Nights” are professional watercolours of the highest quality that combine old masters’ traditions and modern production techniques. The White Nights Watercolors are produced of the finely ground pigments and binders adding Gum Arabic which is recognized as the best natural adhesive for professional watercolours. The colours have high intensity colour hues, which do not tone down even when much water is added. This is provided by the high concentration and fine grit of a pigment. The paints have perfect mixing, smearing and spreading qualities.

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Aureolin, Azure, Azure blue, Black, Blue, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Cadmium orange, Carmine, Cerulean blue, Chromium oxide, Claret, Cobalt blue, Cobalt blue azure, Cobalt turquoise, Coral, Deep gold, Emerald green, English red, Geranium, Gold, Green, India gold, India yellow, Indigo, Ivory black (hue), Lake orange, Lamp black, Lemon, Lemon cadmium yellow, Light blue, Light green, Light Naples yellow, Madder lake red, May green, Medium cadmium yellow, Naples orange yellow, Naples yellow, Olive green, Pale cadmium red, Payne's grey, Peach, Peony pink, Purple, Quarz rose, Quinacridone lilac, Quinacridone red, Quinacridone rose, Quinacridone violet, Raw sienna, Red ochre, Rose, Royal blue, Sap green, Sepia, Shakhnazarskaya red, Titian red, Turquoise blue, Ultramarine, Ultramarine violet, Umber, Venetian red, Violet, Violet rose, Voronezhskaya black, Yellow, Yellow ochre, Yellowish green, Zinc white


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