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Van Gogh Acrylic & Oil Brush Set is crafted with care and shaped by hand, this acrylic & oil brush set has a flexible hair bundle resistant to wear. The flexibility of the golden synthetic hair bundle makes this brush especially great for acrylic painting, since acrylic colours are normally used in a more liquified consistency. This hair bundle of these brushes is round and pointed. The larger sizes are brilliant for laying on colours while the smaller sizes are perfect for finer detail. The hair bundle widths of the brushes included are 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 2.2mm.

Wash gently using a little bit of mild soap (or a gentle dishwashing liquid). Dab the brush gently onto the piece of soap, then work up a lather in a small container or the palm of your hand if you’re not using any toxic pigments or solvents. Rinse and repeat until there’s no trace of any color coming out

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