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This professional-quality Royal Talens Primed Linen Canvas Roll L5 (Medium) is made of 100% linen. With its width of 2.10 m and length of 10 m, this canvas is ideal for large-scale art or to make into custom-sized canvasses.

The Royal Talens Primed Linen Canvas Roll L5 (Medium) weighs 460 g/m² and features a medium texture of 17 x 14.5 threads/cm². This canvas is primed especially for oil colours.

Why linen?

Linen is a sturdy material with a characteristic texture that is often used with oil paint and is heavier and stronger than cotton. This makes it highly suitable for use with heavier materials such as small objects, various mediums and thicker coats of paint. Linen can be stretched tighter than other materials, which minimises the chances of the canvas warping or bending.

*The product has approximately 3 weeks delivery time.

Weight 13,4 kg


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