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Talens Art Creation Glass & Porcelain Opaque is an opaque paint for use on glass, porcelain and ceramics, available in 20 colours and 2 convenient sets. Since Talens Art Creation Glass & Porcelain Opaque is not transparent, it is used mainly on porcelain and ceramics, but the paint can also add some extraordinary effects to your glass items. Upcycle your plain glass and porcelain items and add your own personal touches with dots, lines, drawings and patterns in vibrant colours!

How to use:

  • Before applying the paint, make sure the object is clean, grease-free and dry.
  • Apply the paint using a sponge or flat brush for even coverage. You can also use sticks or a small brush to create delicate details, dots and lines.
  • Remove any excess paint or mistakes with warm water. After applying your design, let the paint dry for 45 minutes.
  • Place the painted object in the cold oven, set the oven to 160 °C and bake your work for 45 minutes once the oven is at the right temperature. Washable by hand after fixing. For decorative purposes only.
Weight 0,05 kg
Hobby color Royal Talens

Leaf Green 6032, Metal Green 8201, Metal Blue 8200, Metal Violet 8203, Bright Fuchsia 3502, Metal Red 8204, Emerald Green 6023, Ocean Green 6035, Magical Purple 5516, Golden Yellow 2010, Black 7001, Midnight Blue 5031, Yellow Bright 2002, Lemon Gold 8010, Classy Gold 8020, Shiny Silver 8015, Kings Blue 5013, Interference Carmine 3025, Warm Orange 2502, Pure White 1001


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