Structure pastes & gels


High Quality Structure Pastes & Gels

Create your masterpiece!

When it comes to creating stunning works of art, structure pastes and gels are a game-changer for artists. These versatile mediums are specially designed to add texture and depth to paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces. With their thick consistency and ability to hold shape, structure pastes and gels allow artists to build up layers, create interesting surfaces, and bring their artwork to life.

One of the key advantages of structure pastes and gels is their ability to enhance the three-dimensional quality of an artwork. By applying these mediums with a brush, palette knife, or even fingers, artists can create raised areas that add visual interest and tactile appeal. Whether it’s adding texture to a landscape painting or sculpting intricate details on a ceramic piece, structure pastes and gels offer endless possibilities for artistic expression.

Furthermore, these mediums also serve as excellent adhesives for adding elements like collage materials, fabric, or found objects to an artwork. Their thick consistency ensures that these elements stay securely in place, resulting in a cohesive and visually captivating piece. Artists can experiment with different techniques such as layering, scraping, or even carving into the dried paste or gel to achieve unique effects and textures that are not possible with traditional painting techniques alone.

Lastly, structure pastes and gels come in a variety of formulations, allowing artists to choose the one that best suits their artistic vision. Whether it’s a heavy body gel for creating bold impasto effects or a lightweight paste for adding subtle texture, artists have the freedom to explore and discover their own unique style.

In conclusion, structure pastes and gels are essential tools for any artist looking to add depth, texture, and dimension to their artwork. With their ability to build up layers, create interesting surfaces, and hold elements in place, these mediums offer endless possibilities for creative expression. So go ahead, grab your brushes and palette knives, and let your imagination run wild with structure pastes and gels!