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It’s all about the base.

Works of art really come to the fore on prepared surfaces. With the SOLO GOYA Gesso Spray Primer, artists rely on a primer that perfectly conveys the brilliance of the colors. The SOLO GOYA Gesso Spray Primer seals the pores of surfaces such as canvas, painting cardboard, fabric, wood or paper without visible brush stroke. The result is a matt and slightly absorbent surface. The SOLO GOYA Gesso is part of the basic equipment for oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolor painting

  • For a priming without visible brushstroke
  • Water-/ alcohol-based
  • For a matt, flexible surface with low absorbency character.
  • Low-odour.
  • Waterproof after drying.
  • Well covering, resistant to light and aging.
  • Dust dry after 24-48 hours depending on layer thickness.
  • Ideal for painting on stretched canvas, paper, carton, canvas, cardboards, wood
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