Scribbling, drawing, painting.

Drawing. Painting. Coloring. The typical character of flowing watercolor is created when the SOLO GOYA Aqua comes into contact with water. The concentrated dye ink can be dissolved in water at any time and can be painted on SOLO GOYA Paper Water Color. Artists and creatives appreciate the easy handling of the pen and the elastic brush tip for fine lines and intensive color areas. Whether on the way, in a café or in the office the artist pen SOLO GOYA Aqua is simply casual, bright and rich. 17 luminous color shades. 1 blender. The balanced color selection makes drawing easy and uncomplicated. By painting with water or in combination with the SOLO GOYA Blender, finest nuances and intensive color transitions are possible. After completion of the work, the finished work is kept in a folder to protect colors.


  • Brilliant artist colors with the typical character of fluid watercolors
  • The ideal drawing tool for sketching and coloring, for the art of beautiful writing, for calligraphy, illustrations, and graphic design in a watercolor style.
  • For quick and spontaneous drawing of fine and minimalist lines through to large, radiant color surfaces
  • Artist pen with elastic brush tip
  • Concentrated, transparent dye-based ink
  • Resoluble, and therefore, watercolor techniques can be applied on watercolor paper
  • Water-based
  • Fiber rod system
  • Compact fiber system with 17 shades
  • Blender for perfect transitions
  • Suitable for a variety of artist papers
  • Watercolor techniques can be applied on watercolor paper
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Black, Blender, Cadmium yellow, Carmine, Cobalt blue, Cyan, Dark oxide brown, Deep vermilion red, Havana brown, Indigo blue, Lemon, Light grey, Light vermilion, Magenta, Olive green, Orange, Permanent green, Red ochre, Yellowish green


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