Creativity is one of the most powerful human assets. It stimulates our ability to express, to learn and to connect. It has the power to make the world a better place. Ever since we discovered that in 1899, it has been our goal to stimulate as many people as possible to express their creativity.

Empower your creativity. Let it out!

Quality, that’s what you opt for.

That is why you use Van Gogh paint, so that you can focus completely on your creativity and the painting process. Thanks to the lively colours you can do anything in your paintings. Your inspiration determines the direction and the paint is your instrument. Van Gogh is therefore the ideal brand for the serious artist for whom quality is important.

When looking for a better oil colour, this Dutch-crafted Van Gogh range is for you. A buttery oil that features excellent tinting strength, a high level of pigmentation for intense colours, and a uniform degree of gloss and thickness amongst colours. Easy to mix and use. These oils are great for beginners, students in advanced studies, and working artists. Van Gogh oil colours are available in 66 colours in various sizes and sets.

Van Gogh oil colours

  • Buttery oil paint with excellent tinting strength
  • High pigmentation level for intense colours
  • Uniform degrees of gloss and thickness amongst colours
  • Easy to mix and use
  • Good to excellent lightfastness ratings
  • Great for beginners, students in advanced studies and professional artists
  • Crafted in the Netherlands
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Artist color by Royal Talens

Alizarin Crimson 326, Azo lemon yellow 267, Azo orange 276, Burnt sienna 411, Burnt umber 409, Cadmium orange 211, Carmine 318, Cerulean blue (Phthalo) 535, Cerulean blue 534, Chromium oxide green 668, Cobalt blue 511, Cobalt ultramarine blue 512, Deep azo red 313, Deep azo yellow 270, Deep cadmium red 306, Deep cadmium yellow 210, Deep madder lake 331, Deep Naples yellow 223, Earth green 629, Emerald green 615, Fir green 654, Indian red 347, Indian yellow 244, Ivory black 701, Lamp black 702, Light azo red 312, Light azo yellow 268, Light cadmium red 303, Light cadmium yellow 208, Light madder lake 327, Light Naples yellow 222, Light oxide red 339, Mars violet 538, Medium azo medium 393, Medium azo yellow 269, Medium cadmium red 314, Medium cadmium yellow 271, Naples yellow red 224, Olive green 620, Payne's grey 708, Permanent deep green 619, Permanent medium green 614, Permanent red 372, Permanent red violet 567, Phthalo blue 570, Phthalo green 675, Phthalo turquoise blue 565, Prussian blue 508, Quinacridone rose 366, Raw sienna 234, Raw umber 408, Sap green 623, Sevres blue 530, Titanium white (linseed oil) 118, Titanium white (Safflower oil) 105, Transparent oxide red 378, Transparent oxide yellow 265, Turquoise blue 522, Ultramarine 504, Vandycke brown 403, Vermilion 311, Violet 536, Viridian 616, Yellow ochre 227, Yellowish green 617, Zinc white (Safflower oil) 104


40 ml, 60 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml


Opaque, Semiopaque, Semitransparent, Transparent


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