Sakura stands for creativity and innovation.

Gelly Roll Mixed is a combination of the different Gelly Roll pens, including the basic White/Black, Metallic, Moonlight and Stardust Gelly Roll.

The Sakura Gelly Roll Pen is the world’s leading gel writer, thanks to its unique ink formulation with a water-based pigment. The exceptional gel ink technology ensures smooth writing results without the need to apply pressure, and will leave even, defined lines when writing or drawing. It is not only a writing product, but is extremely well-suited for different creative applications. Sakura has implemented the smooth ink flow technology of Gelly Roll® White in three nib sizes: fine, medium and bold.

Making illustrating, marking and writing possible. Realising thoughts, ideas and dreams. For illustrators, architects and artists, but also for explorers, for beginners and inventors. For everyone with a creative mind. For everyone who wants and needs to express themselves. Sakura makes no distinction between large or small, between famous or unknown, between home, office or industry. Sakura keeps on striving towards innovation. Sakura is infinite and limitless in terms of products, but also in terms of ability. From creative applications at the highest level to functional writing materials. When drawing, sketching or painting – with the products of Sakura you can express yourself creatively, in every possible way.

The Sweets set contains the three sweetest colours of true shiny Gelly Rolls in one set: Purple (524), Pink (520) and Red (519) Metallic gel pens.

The set Nature consist of 3 earth tones coloured true shiny Metallic Gelly Rolls: Copper/Orange (554), Sepia (517), Burgundy (522) Metallic gel pens.

The set Ocean consist of 1 black and 2 blue colours of true shiny Metallic Gelly Rolls: Blue (536), Blue Black (543) and Black (549) Metallic gel pens.

The Sakura Gelly Roll contains special water-based pigment gel ink to give bright, intense colours which never fade. Thanks to the unique gel ink technology, the ink flow from the pen is always constant, without exerting any pressure and to the very last stroke. Lots of fun writing, drawing, decorating, in scrapbooks, making cards and other hobby applications with metallic gel pens. Metallic has a magical, shiny effect on white, black and glossy paper.

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Forest, Nature, Ocean, Sweets


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