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Royal Talens Gouache Ecola offers quality and reliability, your guarantee for an optimal painting process. The Talens brand provides all auxiliary painting products, graphic products and colouring products for children. Talens also offers a very complete and innovative range of auxiliary materials for artists, indispensable for almost every painting technique. The auxiliaries are accurately geared to the specific requirements of every technique.

Royal Talens Gouache is an intensely-coloured gouache available in 18 colours including the 3 basic mixing colours Lemon yellow (205), Tyrian rose magenta (359) and Light blue cyan (501) Intense colours so economical in use. Available in glass bottles of 16 ml and larger plastic squeeze bottles, especially for educational purposes. Water-thinnable, so brushes can easily be cleaned with water afterwards.

Weight 0,369 kg
Artist color by Royal Talens

Black 700, Brown 400, Carmine 318, Deep blue 502, Deep green 602, Deep yellow 202, Lemon yellow (primary) 205, Light blue 501, Light green 601, Orange 235, Pink Beige 374, Prussian blue 508, Scarlet 334, Tyrian rose 359, Violet 536, White 100, Yellow 200, Yellow ochre 227


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