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Talens offers quality and reliability, your guarantee for an optimal painting process.

Talens supplies a large and very complete range of auxiliaries, essential for practically every painting technique. These auxiliaries are divided into mediums and varnishes. The auxiliaries are accurately geared to the specific requirements of each technique. They ensure a good technical composition and conservation of the work or change the properties of the artists’ paint.

Purpose: Protecting an oil painting.

Composition: Dammar resin, turpentine oil.

Traditional final varnish. Apply when paint film has completely dried (approx. 1 year with normal layer thickness). Dries in a few hours. May show signs of ageing after some time such as yellowing and crackling. Gives a high gloss/satin matt. Mixing with glossy Dammar varnish with matt reduces the degree of gloss. Can be thinned with turpentine, clean brushes with white spirit or turpentine. Dry varnish coats can be removed with turpentine. Shake well before use

Highly flammable!

Weight N/A

75 ml, 250 ml


Gloss, Matt


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