Creativity is one of the most powerful human assets. It stimulates our ability to express, to learn and to connect. It has the power to make the world a better place. Ever since we discovered that in 1899, it has been our goal to stimulate as many people as possible to express their creativity.

Empower your creativity. Let it out!

Talens Art Creation has been developed for every artist, experienced or not, who wants the best materials at the best possible price. Talens Art Creation offers a complete range of artists’ and hobby materials with various types of paint and other painting accessories such as easels and stretched canvases.

For the artist in you.

Talens Art Creation Creative Deco & Craft is a completely new line of paints, which has been specially developed for experimenting with and creating home deco applications and other creative effects for in and around your home. This paint range includes Indoor/Outdoor, Metallic, Blackboard, Beton Paste, Effect Liner and Decoupage.

Talens Art Creation Textile is an extensive range of textile paints with diverse properties, such as Textile for light-coloured fabrics, Textile Reflex for light-reflective effects, Nightlight for glow-in-the-dark effects, Textile Opaque for dark-coloured fabrics, Textile Silk dye for silk and other light-coloured fabrics, Gutta Silk liner to create 3D lines on fabric with and handy tie-dye sets. Upcycle your textile items and create your own design on cushions, furniture and curtains or customise your clothes and fashion accessories with textile paint, dye and liners!

Add a pop of colour to your clothing, accessories and interior decorations with tie-dye! Tie-dye is a cheap and fun way to upcycle plain clothing and other fabric items to turn them into your new favourite pieces! Create fun, colourful patterns such as spirals, starbursts, ombrés and more by simply twisting and binding the fabric with rubber bands or clips and applying different coloured dyes.

Upcycle clothing, accessories or interior decorations such as pillow covers, curtains and other textile items with Royal Talens Art Creation Textile paint! Textile is a paint for light-coloured fabrics (at least 50% cotton) and is available in 40 colours, including pearlescent, neon and pastel shades. The Royal Talens Art Creation Textile color range also includes Reflex, a reflective paint (for light and dark-coloured fabric) and Nightlight for glow-in the dark effects. Enjoy creating your own designs on fabric!

How to use:

  • For the best results, pre-wash the fabric item without fabric softener and let it dry completely.
  • Apply the paint to the fabric with a sponge or a soft brush and let it dry for 30 minutes.
  • Fix the paint using an iron (on cotton setting) with protective paper (such as parchment paper) between the fabric and the iron.
  • After heat setting, the item will be washable up to 104 °F/40 °C and suitable for the dryer. Let the item dry completely and enjoy your new custom design!
Weight N/A
Hobby color Royal Talens

Black 7001, Bold Pink 3501, Dusty Mint 6030, Emerald Green 6023, Grass Green 6006, Indigo Blue 5029, Kings Blue 5013, Magical Purple 5516, Misty Blue 5030, Moss Green 6018, Neon Green 8700, Neon Orange 8702, Neon Pink 8703, Neon Violet 8705, Neon Yellow 8701, Nightlight 8751, Pastel Blue 5028, Pastel Green 6031, Pastel Orange 2506, Pastel Pink 3504, Pastel Violet 5514, Pearl Blue 8519, Pearl Fucsia 8516, Pearl Gold 8510, Pearl Green 8508, Pearl Purple 8517, Pearl Red 8505, Pearl Silver 8511, Pearl Yellow 8502, Perky Ochre 2028, Powerfull Red 3023, Pure White 1001, Reflex 8750, Rusty Brown 4023, Soft Magenta 3503, Stormy Grey 7505, Sun Yellow 2004, Turquoise Blue 5024, Warm Orange 2502, Yellow Bright 2002


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