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Talens Art Creation is a reliable quality acrylic paint which is 100% based on acrylic resin. The paint is pasty, has a silky sheen when dry and can be painted over quickly. Talens Art Creation can be used both straight from the tube and thinned with water. The paint is waterproof when dry. Due to its adhesive properties this paint allows you to work on any moderately absorbent ground that is free of grease and dust.

Weight 0,106 kg
Artist color by Royal Talens

Azo orange 276, Azo yellow deep 270, Azo yellow lemon 267, Brilliant blue 564, Burnt sienna 411, Burnt umber 409, Carmine 318, Cobalt ultramarine blue 512, Emerald green 615, Gold 801, Greenish yellow 243, Greyish blue 562, Ivory black 701, Naphthol red light 398, Naphthol red medium 396, Naples yellow deep 223, Naples yellow red light 292, Neutral grey 710, Permanent blue violet 568, Permanent green deep 619, Permanent green light 618, Permanent red violet 567, Permanent red violet light 577, Phthalo blue 570, Primary cyan 572, Primary magenta 369, Primary yellow 275, Raw sienna 234, Sap green 623, Silver 800, Titanium buff deep 290, Titanium white 105, Turquoise green 661, Ultramarine 504, Vandycke brown 403, Viridian 616, Yellow ochre 227, Yellowish green 617


75 ml


Opaque, Semiopaque, Semitransparent, Transparent


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