Creativity is one of the most powerful human assets. It stimulates our ability to express, to learn and to connect. It has the power to make the world a better place. Ever since we discovered that in 1899, it has been our goal to stimulate as many people as possible to express their creativity.

Empower your creativity. Let it out!

Rembrandt, a legendary name for a range that is known for its superior and unparalleled quality. It has been developed through pure skill and artistic insight and is based on the best raw materials. This allows Rembrandt products to boast unique characteristics such as maximum fineness, lightfastness and durability.

The choice for the professional artist.

Rembrandt watercolour paint brushes are made with traditional craftmanship and the greatest care. The range of watercolour brushes offers top-quality brushes made with carefully selected natural hair types or durable filament (polyester fibre) in various shapes and sizes, skilfully designed to accommodate various painting styles and techniques. Every hair bundle is shaped by hand and set in a nickel-plated brass ferrule.

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