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Pastels are a soft type of chalk based on kaolin (china clay) and pigment, with which drawings can be made in a style similar to painting. Artists who work with pastels tend to see their work as a painting rather than a drawing. In contrast to what the name suggests, the pastel range also contains very bright colours.

The world renowned Rembrandt soft pastels, professional-quality sticks, contain only the purest pigments and finest quality kaolin clay. Also, produced in the Netherlands, they respect strict quality control standards. Moreover, the pigmentation formulas are unique for each colour. Besides, these round sticks have excellent softness for beautiful colour release and toning.

The Rembrandt Soft Pastels Grey Tones Set contains: 10 half pastels (409,8 – 409,9 – 704,8 – 704,9 – 727,8 – 727,9 – 707,8 – 707,9 – 709,8 – 709,9).

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