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Rembrandt watercolours are made in Holland of only the best materials. This professional-quality colour range is made from the purest pigments and purest quality gum arabic for brilliant and constant colours. The metal tin has hinged lids to use for mixing wells. The clear and transparent mixing colours get a higher opacity by mixing them with opaque white. Includes 12 watercolour paint pans in the following colours: Azo Yellow Deep Cadmium Free (248), Benzimidazolone Orange (297), Quinacridone Red (364), Quinacridone Rose Magenta (368), Phthalo Blue Red (583), Indanthrene Blue (585), Quinacridone Purple Blue (593), Phthalo Green (675), Phthalo Green Yellow (681), Neutral Tint (715), and 2 pans of Opaque White (106). All colours in this opaque white mixing set have the highest lightfastness rating of +++ (100+ years under museum conditions), except Quinacridone Rose Magenta (368) which has a rating of ++ (25-100 years under museum conditions). This set also includes a travel paintbrush.

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