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Rembrandt professional is a superior quality paint. Carefully crafted in Holland, they contain only the best raw materials. They are a unique combination of superior quality and tradition in just one tube. Besides, the range touts brilliant  intense colours in all opacity levels. Artists largely use them due to an even distribution across the several colour ranges. Also artists prefer them due to a good balance between transparent and opaque colours.

The colour have highly concentrated finely ground pigments for optimal colour strength. Thus, paints have the highest degree of lightfastness with great durability of the paint coat. So, you can choose now from magnificent colour range of 120 colours.

Even distribution across the several colour ranges;
Brilliant  intense colours in all opacity levels;
Highly concentrated finely ground pigments for optimal colour strength;
Highest degree of lightfastness;
Great durability;

Weight 0,036 kg
Artist color by Royal Talens

Aureoline 242, Cadmium yellow deep 210, Cadmium yellow lemon 207, Cadmium yellow light 208, Cadmium yellow medium 271, Naples yellow deep 223, Naples yellow green 282, Naples yellow light 222, Naples yellow red 224, Nickel titanium yellow deep 280, Nickel titanium yellow light 279, Permanent lemon yellow 254, Permanent yellow deep 285, Permanent yellow light 283, Permanent yellow medium 284, Stil de Grain yellow 251, Transparent oxide yellow 265, Transparent yellow green 272, Yellow ochre 227, Yellow ochre light 228


15 ml


Opaque, Semiopaque, Semitransparent, Transparent


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