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Following the popularity of acrylic colours, which dry in 10-20 minutes, oil painters began requesting a product which dried faster than traditional oils.

Winsor & Newton responded in 1976 by developing a range of alkyd colours, which has today become Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour. Alkyds are made from a naturally derived vegetable oil that is polymerized.

The result is a resin-like product that, when mixed with a solvent, is very similar to traditional linseed oil. The colours remain workable for 4 to 8 hours and are touch dry in 18 to 24. Consistent drying times across the range removes the usual restrictions that come with conventional oils, making it easier to overpaint, regardless of the colour upon the surface.

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37 ml, 200 ml

Color by Colart

Azo brown, Azo yelow green, Bright cadmium yellow (hue), Bright pink red, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Burnt yellow ochre, Cadmium orange (hue), Cadmium red (hue), Cadmium Scarlet fever (hue), Cadmium yellow (hue), Cadmium yelow lemon (hue), Ceruleum blue (hue), Chrome green (hue), Chrome oxide, Chrome yelow (hue), Cobalt blue (hue), Cobalt violet (hue), Dark cadmium red (hue), Dark cadmium yellow (hue), Dark green, Dark phthalo green, Dark quinacridone pink, Dioxazine blue, Dioxazine purple, Emerald green, French ultramarine, Gentle mixing white, Green earth, India red, Ivory black, Lamp black, Lead white (hue), Lemon yellow (hue), Magenta, Naples yellow (hue), Paynes grey, Permanent alizarin crimson, Permanent bright green, Permanent crimson red, Permanent geranium, Permanent pink, Phthalo blue, Phthalo yellow green, Prussian blue, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Sap green, Scarlet fever, Titanium white, Vandyke brown, Vermilion (hue), Viridian (hue), Yellow ochre, Zinc white


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