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Formulated with the finest pigments for beautiful colours with excellent tinting strength; use thickly or thin to a very fine glaze. Available in 133 colours.

W&N colours are rafted from single pigments wherever possible to create individual colours; this ensures clean, accurate mixing. There are more than 80 single pigment colours in the range, so you can mix new variations with confidence.

Paintings last well beyond our lifetime if the materials you choose allow for that. Years from now, for your work to be seen as you intend it to be, your materials need to be lightfast (not fade from exposure to light) and permanent (not change over time). So that you can trust in the longevity of your work, our oil colours are tested for these qualities and have some of the best ratings (at least AA or A).

Weight N/A

Glossy, Transparent


37 ml, 200 ml

Color by Colart

Alizarin crimson, Bismuth yellow, Blue black, Bright cobalt turquoise, Bright green, Bright Naples yellow, Bright pink red, Bright raw umber, Bright red, Bright yellow, Bright yellow ochre, Bronze, Brown ochre, Brown oxide, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Cadmium orange, Cadmium red, Cadmium scarlet fever, Cadmium yellow, Cadmium yellow lemon, Ceruleum blue, Charcoal grey wood, Chestnut tree, Chrome oxide, Chrome yelow (hue), Cobalt blue, Cobalt chromite green, Cobalt green, Cobalt turquoise, Cobalt violet, Copper, Dark cadmium red, Dark cadmium yellow, Dark chrome green (hue), Dark cobalt blue, Dark India yellow, Dark Mars violet, Dark mineral green, Dark Naples yellow, Dark red, Dark Winsor yellow, Dark yellow, Davys grey, Dumont blue, French ultramarine, Gold, Gold ochre, Golden pink, Green earth, Green gold, Grounding white, Indanthrene blue, India red, India yellow, Indigo, Iridescent white, Ivory black, Lamp black, Lead white (hue), Lemon, Lemon yellow (hue), Madder brown, Madder pink, Madder ruby alizarin, Magenta, Malve phthalo green (blueton), Manganese blue (hue), Mars black, Naples yellow, Olive green, Orange, Orange mineral, Orient blue, Pale cadmium green, Pale cadmium yellow, Pale yellow ochre, Paynes grey, Pearl black, Permanent alizarin crimson, Permanent brigh green, Permanent carmine, Permanent Green, Permanent magenta, Permanent mallow, Permanent pink, Phthalo turquiose, Pink earth, Premanent dark green, Prussian blue, Prussian green, Purple, Purple madder, Quinacridone magenta, Quinacridone red, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Raw umber (greenton), Red, Red earth, Red ochre, Renaissance gold, Sap green, Scarlet fever, Silver, Tin, Titanium white, Ultramarine (greenton), Ultramarine pink, Ultramarine violet, Vandyke brown, Venetian red, Viridian, Warm pink brown, Winsor blue (greenton), Winsor blue (redton), Winsor dark red, Winsor emerald, Winsor green, Winsor green (yellowton), Winsor lemon, Winsor orange, Winsor red, Winsor violet (dioxazine), Winsor yellow, Yellow, Yellow ochre, Zinc white


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