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Pebeo Studio Gouache Set is a high-quality gouache, ideal for professionals and also students, with fine opaque lolours that are rich in pigments at an econimical price. They are ideal for working with mock-ups, for studies, illustrations or scenery.

These gouache paints are bright, intense and remain vibrant after drying. They are suitable with paper, cardboard, Bristol cardboard. When dried, the colours retain excellent uniformity. They minimize discoloration during drying. The gouache contains concentrated pigments, resistant, opaque, matte, with good resistance to light. Mixing of different colours is possible. they dry in several hours, the time depends on paint dilution and paper weight. After drying, liquefaction is possible again.

This Pebeo Studio Gouache Set contains the following shades:

  • Primary Yellow
  • Vermilion
  • Carmine
  • Primary Magenta
  • Cobalt Violet Hue
  • Primary Cyan
  • Spring Green
  • Emerald Green
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Burnt Umber
  • Ivory Black
  • Permanent White
Weight 0,2 kg

12 ml


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