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Pebeo acrylic colors are vivid and also intense, highly pigmented, with either matte or satin finish. Provides good light resistance, they are not wiped and are adhered after drying. Colors are intermixable, and also, they are very suitable for all surfaces. Once dried, it turns into a flexible film. Dry in 30 minutes – 1h, completely in 1-8 days, depending on the thickness of the applied layer. Use with canvas, cardboard, wood, metal, etc. You can clean the utensils with hot water and also soap.

The set contains:

2 graphite pencils HB, 2B,
3 synthetic brushes,
2 brushes number 4,
1 brush No. 6,
1 radiera,
1 sharpener,
12 acrylic colors x 12ml Studio (primary yellow, cadmium orange, transparent vermilion, primary magenta, primary cyan, cadmium green, phthalocyanine emerald, yellow, burnt umber, Payne’s gray)
5 acrylic colors x 20ml Studio High Viscosity, of which 3 iridescent (blue 357, silver 351, gold 352), titanium white, mars black,
2 painting knives,
1 carton canvas 22x16cm.

Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 1,2 cm


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