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Artist can use Pebeo Studio Acrylics 100 ml High Viscosity for working on canvas, cardboard, wood and metal. It’s thick consistency retains the brush and spatula marks. Pebeo Studio Acrylics 100 ml are water-soluble colours with a satin finish and high lightfastness. Keep away from dust, dries in 30 – 60 minutes. Completely dry in 1-8 days depending on the thickness. Pebeo Studio Acrylics 100 ml are permanent after drying and the film is strong and flexible to deformation.

The range contains opaque, semi-opaque and transparent colours. A paint’s opacity is its ability to hide the underlying surface. So, a paint colour is opaque when it hides what is underneath. Also, transparent, if the undercoat can be seen. Thus, a painter will choose an opaque or transparent colour, according to the effect they desire. For example, a glaze requires a transparent colour, while a solid, an opaque colour. To achieve a watercolour-like render, the painter will select a transparent colour.

The versatility of the range means an endless amount of textures possibility. When you apply the colour thickly, we recommend to wait 1-2 weeks before varnishing work. Studio Acrylics Dyna colours contain effect pigments, called pearl. Pearl pigments comprise sheets of different materials with different refractive indices. So, this means that they transmit part of the light and reflect another part, lending the effect obtained: iridescent or pearl. Besides, you can use them alone in the same way as Studio Acrylics colours.

Weight 0,15 kg
Color by Pebeo

Alizarine crimson, Azo pink, Bright yellow, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Cadmium green hue, Cadmium orange hue, Cadmium red hue, Cerulean blue, Chrome green hue, Dark cadmium red hue, Dark cadmium yellow hue, Dark cobalt violet hue, Dark ultramarine blue, Dyna iridescent blue black, Dyna iridescent blue green, Dyna iridescent green blue, Dyna iridescent green yellow, Dyna iridescent orange yellow, Dyna iridescent red blue, Dyna iridescent violet blue, Fluorescent orange, Fluorescent pink, Fluorescent yellow, Green earth, Hooker's green, Ivory, Lemon cadmium yellow hue, Light Azo yellow, Mars black, Medium cadmium yellow hue, Metallic copper, Metallic gold, Metallic rich gold, Metallic silver, Naphtol carmine, Naples yellow hue, Neutral grey, Opaque cobalt blue hue, Opaque light ultramarine blue, Opaque primary cyan, Opaque primary yellow, Opaque sap green, Opaque vivid pink, Oriental violet, Payne's grey, Phthalocyanine blue, Phthalocyanine green, Primary magenta, Prussian blue hue, Quinacridone scarlet, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Red ochre, Terra rossa, Titanium white, Transparent vermilion, Turquoise, Venice red, Venice yellow, Vivid white, Yellow ochre


100 ml


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