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Let your imagination fly!

With Pebeo Siligum Molding Paste Gedeo, you can create small custom molds and reproduce the most delicate patterns without losing any detail! Siligum paste is suitable for component silicone molding. Just one hundred grams of impression paste allows you to create up to three molds, four centimeters in diameter. The molding silicone produces unbreakable, flexible, self-de-molding, multi-cavity shaped. Molds made with this two-part silicone are easy to clean and can be reused several times. Once the blue resin and white hardener are mixed, your mold will set within five minutes from the time the impression is taken. This Pebeo Siligum Molding Paste Gedeo gives you the ability to create molds that are compatible with many casting materials, including Gédéo Resins.

It is easy to reproduce all sorts of objects with Siligum Molding Paste and Gédéo Resins. Measure out 1-part blue component (resin) to one-part white component (hardener). Mix quickly (30 seconds) by rolling the mixture into a ball shape. The mixed dough should have a light blue uniform color. Press the object that you would like to cast into the paste on a flat level surface. Allow the Siligum Molding Paste to set for about 5 min at a 23 °C. For additional application time, place the paste in the refrigerator for around one hour before making the mixture. Once the silicone has hardened, remove the object from the mold and pour the cast material (plaster, crystal resin, reconstituted stone) into the mold. You can reuse the impression as long as the silicone form remains usable.

Key Features:

  • Two-part silicone resin molds
  • Produces unbreakable, flexible, self-stripping, multi-cavity molds
  • Shiny and smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
  • It only takes 5 minutes for the impression to harden
  • Reuse cast molds several times
  • For longer application time, place the silicone in the refrigerator for one hour before mixing
  • 100g of Pebeo Siligum Molding Paste Gedeo allows you to build up to 3 silicone molds 4 cm in diameter

Pebeo Siligum Molding Paste Gedeo is perfect for:

  • Flat decoration molds
  • Jewelry design
  • Creating small custom molds
  • Creating multiples of an item
  • Casting with plaster, resin, wax, and even some metals
  • Reproducing the most delicate patterns without losing any detail
  • Professional or amateur artists
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