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Pebeo Siccative Medium is similar to Dutch Medium. Increases resistance and enables faster drying at depth. Gives a light amber colouration.


  • Composed of alkyd and acrylic resins.
  • Glossy and transparent
  • Semi-pasty, it dries by oxidation and practically does not yellow
  • Cleaning: mineral spirits or turpentine


This glossy and transparent siccative medium offers exceptional working possibilities. Used in small quantities, it makes pastes more bound and richer, giving them a high quality of thread for precise execution. At high concentrations, it gives beautiful shines and depths and glazes that round out easily.

Accelerates the formation of films. Also, increases their resistance and allows drying in depth. In adition, introduces a pale umber colouring. Thin with mineral spirit.

This medium is a composition of Chinese wood oil and also formophenolic oil.

Weight 0,1 kg

75 ml


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