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Pebeo Gedeo Relief Gilding Paste is a tacky adhesive that’s specially formulated for use with Gedeo Mirror Effect Metal Leaves. It’s compatible with a wide array of materials including glass, wood, metal, terra cotta, ceramics, paper, cardboard, canvas, mirror, Plexiglas, plastics, and Pebeo Liquid Art Panels. This is great for creating a raised, embossed effect. The Relief Gilding Paste tends to shrink while drying, so it’s best to anticipate the thickness and coverage of the application according to the desired effect.

Simply apply a layer of gilding paste to your surface and allow it to dry until it becomes transparent (approximately one hour). Then gently place a metal leaf over the adhesive, colored side up, and apply light pressure to transfer the gilding to your object. It is important to wait until the Relief Gilding Paste is completely transparent before applying the mirror leaf (transfer foil). It is compatible with all other products included in the Pebeo Mixed Media program, meaning you can mix and match mediums.

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