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Pebeo Gedeo Bio-based Crystal Resin is a transparent and solid two-part epoxy system. The clear, shiny and solid crystalline resin is ready to use in your mixed media projects. Crystal resin can be tinted with Vitrail up to 10% of its volume for a limitless range of colors. It can be used as a transparent coating or varnish to protect works to a range of surfaces, from plastic and canvas to metal and wood. Gedeo Crystal Resin is a perfect imitation of glass paste.

Pebeo Gedeo Bio-based Crystal Resin is ideal for casting in molds or on surfaces with edges (jewelry, frames), as local inclusions. You can embed various objects in resins, e.g. dried plants. It dries after 12 hours and is fully hardened after 24 hours.


  • Transparent
  • 150 / 300 ml package


  • 100 / 200 ml resin
  • 50 / 100 ml hardener accessories
  • 1 user guide
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150 ml, 300 ml


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