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The Pebeo Bio-Pro Resins  offer high-gloss and transparent, bubble-free, non-yellowing resin that is ideal for all artists. The two-part resin and hardener are mixed to form a non-yellowing solid resin that is transparent. The low aroma and easy to use, Bio-Based Resins are respectful of the environment and safer to use. Pebeo Gedeo Bio-Based Resins can be used to create high-gloss coatings on finished works of various mediums.

This Pebeo Bio-Pro Resin offers a multitude of possibilities to create in volume: frames, friezes, tableware, moldings, jewelry, barrettes, marbling techniques, and more. To add depth and striated effects, pour Gedeo Pearl Resins into Crystal and Color resins. Crystal Resin is 50% Bio-based and has a smooth texture ideal for molds and inclusions (including natural details, such as dried leaves).

Pearl Resins may also be poured over dry Fantasy, Vitrail and Ceramic colors and other mediums once these are thoroughly cured to add depth and a pearlescent touch to creations. Solid and easy to work with, the two component epoxy system of all Gedeo Resins (resin and hardener) allows for exceptional ease of use. Available in 150 ml kits. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Weight 4 kg

150 ml


Gold, Pearl


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