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Pebeo Aquarelle Fine Watercolours Set is an assortment of 12 half pans and 1 brush, water based, fine quality, with a satin finish.

Pebeo Aquarelle Fine Watercolours Set containwatercolor paints in metal box and folding brush for watercolors. The colours are easy to thin, with transparency and depth of tone that does not disappear during the drying process. You can use in watercolour paper and cardboard. Drying time depending on the dilution and paper weight. Clean up with soap and water.

Fine watercolor is available in tubes or pans.

Watercolor in tubes is generally used to paint large areas. It is not solid like the pans watercolor, it is pasty and is applied in small dots on a palette.

Pans, on the other hand, are small cubes of compressed pigment, which are picked up with a wet brush.

Play with the intensity of the colors thanks to the amount of water: the more water you add to the pigments, the more pastel the color will be. Conversely, the less water you add, the more pigmented the color will be.

Since watercolor is worked with water, forget about using paper that is too thin, as it may curl. The ideal weight for watercolor is around 300g.

Use a large round brush for flat areas and a finer one for details. There are also brushes with water reservoirs, useful for painting outdoors.

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