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In relief printing, the printing areas are raised, which means that only the raised lines, gutters or surfaces of the printing plate are printed.

You can use very easy the soft printing plate. It is a direct printing process, i.e. the printing plate transfers the ink directly onto the fabric. Therefore, the motif has to be its mirror image on the printing plate. You can dilute the transparent watercolours with water and apply to the fabric with a wet brush.

Water-based, saliva-resistant, washable to 40 °C, and soft to the touch. For light-coloured fabrics free of finishes and fabric conditioners (max. 20 % synthetic fibre). After drying, fix in the oven (150 °C/8 minutes), or iron for 3 minutes without steam. Stir paints before use and wash tools after use in water.

Contents: 1 x Textil Print 100 ml (Carbon black 974), 2 x Textil Aquarelle 15 ml (Lemon 020, Magenta 014), 1 x foam roller (60 mm), 1 x brush Marabu Universal round size 12, 1 x cutter with 2 blades (size 2 and 5), 1 x soft printing plate (Factis rubber carving block (155 x 90 x 7 mm)), 1 x brochure.

  • Relief printing set for fabric with printing ink, accessories and watercolour paint;
  • Textil Print printing ink and Textil Aquarelle are waterbased, saliva-resistant, washable up to 40 °C and have a soft handle;
  • Set suitable for light-coloured, finish and detergent-free fabrics (max. 20 % synthetic);
  • After fixing (oven 8 Min./150 °C or 3 Min. ironing without steam) fabric is washable up to 40 °C.
Weight 0,639 kg
Dimensions 27 × 19,6 × 7 cm


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