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Designed for professional artists but easy enough to use for anyone, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint has an extensive selection of colors to suit every need. Liquitex Professional Spray Paint combines artist grade pigments with innovative water-based technology, offering color brilliance, lightfastness, and durability in a unique low odor, low irritant formula. Versatile enough for use on almost any surface, including canvas, wood, masonry, and glass, this spray paint provides high coverage so you can create vibrant murals, mixed media pieces, stencil work and more.

The Liquitex Professional Spray Paint range from Liquitex shows just why this brand has always been at the forefront of acrylic colour.

  • It’s spray paint, yes, but so much more. For a start, it’s odourless, meaning you can use it in well ventilated spaces indoors such as shared studio spaces. And because though it’s water-based, it’s lightfast and permanent – another first for spray paint.
  • You can use it as you would any other spray paint (skinny and fat nozzles are available as well as the versatile standard supplied) on fabric, canvas, wood, masonry, glass and even polystyrene, but you’ll also find it’s excellent for layers, large areas and under-painting.
  • It’s fully compatible with other Liquitex acrylic colours, as well as gels and mediums, and because it stays wet longer you can use a brush to move it around too.
  • All this with no compromise on quality: colours are still made from the high-grade pigments you expect.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • 400 ml (340 g/12 oz.) spray can
  • Permanent and water-resistant.
  • Intermixable with other Liquitex ranges
  • For interior or exterior use
WARNING: Flammable
Weight N/A



400 ml

Color by Colart

Black, Brigh violet, Bright blue, Bright cadmium red, Bright cadmium red 2 (hue), Bright cadmium red 5 (hue), Bright cadmium red 6 (hue), Bright cadmium red-2, Bright cadmium red-5, Bright cadmium red-6, Bright cadmium yellow, Bright cadmium yellow-1, Bright cadmium yellow-5, Bright cadmium yellow-6, Bright lilac, Bright purple, Bright violet, Bright yellow, Bright yellow green, Bronze yelow, Burnt sienna, Burnt sienna 5, Burnt sienna 7, Burnt uber 6, Burnt umber, Burnt umber 7, Burnt umber-6, Cadmium orange (hue), Cadmium orange 2 (hue), Cadmium orange 5 (hue), Cadmium orange 6 (hue), Cadmium orange-1, Cadmium orange-2, Cadmium orange-5, Cadmium orange-6, Cadmium red (hue), Ceruleum blue, Ceruleum blue (hue), Ceruleum blue 6, Charcoal black, Chrome oxide green, Chrome oxide green 6, Cobalt blue, Cobalt blue (hue), Cobalt blue 3 (hue), Cobalt blue 5 (hue), Cobalt blue 6 (hue), Cobalt blue-3, Cobalt blue-5, Cobalt blue-6, Daark cadmium yellow 6 (hue), Dark cadmium red, Dark cadmium red (hue), Dark cadmium red 3 (hue), Dark cadmium red 5 (hue), Dark cadmium red 6 (hue), Dark cadmium red-3, Dark cadmium red-5, Dark cadmium red-6, Dark cadmium yellow, Dark cadmium yellow (hue), Dark cadmium yellow 1 (hue), Dark cadmium yellow 5 (hue), Dark cadmium yellow-1, Dark cadmium yellow-5, Dark cadmium yellow-6, Dioxazine purple, Dioxazine purple 5, Emerald green, Fluorescent blue, Fluorescent green, Fluorescent orange, Fluorescent red, Fluorescent yellow, Iridescent antique gold, Iridescent rich silver, Lemon green fiery, Light cadmium yellow (hue), Light cadmium yellow 1 (hue), Light cadmium yellow 5 (hue), Light cadmium yellow 6 (hue), Medium cadmium red, Medium cadmium red (hue), Medium cadmium red 2 (hue), Medium cadmium red 5 (hue), Medium cadmium red 6 (hue), Medium cadmium red-2, Medium cadmium red-5, Medium cadmium red-6, Medium cadmium yellow, Medium cadmium yellow (hue), Medium cadmium yellow 1 (hue), Medium cadmium yellow 5 (hue), Medium cadmium yellow 6 (hue), Medium cadmium yellow-1, Medium cadmium yellow-5, Medium cadmium yellow-6, Medium magenta, Medium yellow, Medium yellow azo, Mixing white, Naples yellow, Naples yellow (hue), Neutral grey 3, Neutral grey 5, Neutral grey 7, Neutral grey 8, Oxide yelow, Parchement, Pergament, Permanent dark green, Permanent Hooker's green, Permanent Sap green, Permanent viridian, Permanent viridian (hue), Permanent viridian 5 (hue), Permanent viridian 7 (hue), Permanent viridian-5, Permanent viridian-7, Permanentes Sap green, Phtalo blue 7 (redtone), Phthalo blue (greenton), Phthalo blue (redton)-5, Phthalo blue (redton)-6, Phthalo blue (redton)-7, Phthalo blue 5 (redtone), Phthalo blue 6 (redtone), Phthalo green (blueton), Phthalo green (blueton)-5, Phthalo green (blueton)-6, Phthalo green (blueton)-7, Phthalo green 5 (bluetone), Phthalo green 6 (bluetone), Phthalo green 7 (bluetone), Prussian blue, Prussian blue (hue), Prussian blue 5 (hue), Prussian blue 6 (hue), Prussian blue 7 (hue), Prussian blue-5, Prussian blue-6, Prussian blue-7, Quinacridone crimson, Quinacridone magenta, Quinacridone magenta 6, Raw sienna, Raw sienna 5, Raw sienna 7, Raw umber, Raw umber 6, Raw umber 7, Titanium white, Transparent black, Transparent mixing white, Turquoise, Unbleached titanium, Vivid lime green


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