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A paint made from synthetic pigments and resins, appreciated by many artists for its quick-drying nature.

In the 1950s, Lefranc Bourgeois developed the iconic Flashe paint, the first vinyl colour and an alternative to traditional art supplies. Its multi-medium grip enabled artists to escape the constraints of their studio or canvas. Its unique pigmentation and matt finish transforms the artist’s experience. The colour is PURE and adaptable. The pigments create indelible marks on each canvas and space.

Flashe is much more than a matt acrylic paint. It liberates pigment intensity and luminosity in matt colours. The painter can then create and express themselves without being constrained by colour, space or time, finding joy in painting and spontaneity in their movements.


An iconic palette of colours manufactured in France with 76 extra-fine tones, including 11 new colours.



Weight N/A

80 ml, 125 ml, 400 ml, 750 ml, 5000 ml

Color by Colart

Ash blue, Black, Bright green, Bright green earth, Bright Naples yellow, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Carmine, Ceruleum blue (hue), Chrome oxide green, Cobalt blue (hue), Dioxazine violet, Emerald green (hue), English green, Fiery green, Fluorescent blue, Fluorescent green, Fluorescent orange, Fluorescent pink, Fluorescent red, Fluorescent white, Fluorescent yellow, Green grey, Grey pink, Hoggar blue, Iridescent ash blue, Iridescent bright gold, Iridescent bronze, Iridescent copper, Iridescent deep gold, Iridescent green, Iridescent green earth, Iridescent nickel, Iridescent Parma pink, Iridescent pearl white, Iridescent pink grey, Iridescent rich gold, Iridescent silver, Iridescent white, Ivory, Japanese bright yellow, Japanese orange, Laguna blue, Lemon yellow, Magenta, Mineral violet, Naples yellow (hue), Neutral grey, Ocean blue, Orange, Oriental red, Parma pink, Pastel purple, Paynes grey, Pebble grey, Phthalocyanine green, Pink, Pink ochre, Prussian blue, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Red ochre, Red violet, Royal blue, Ruby red, Sahara yellow, Sepia brown, Spring green, Structured green, Turquoise, Ultramarine blue, Venetian pink, Verdaccio, Vermilion, Veronese green (hue), White, Yellow ochre


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