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Ladoga Oil Paint Gift Set – 12 x 18 ml Tubes in Cardboard Box

In the Ladoga palette of oil paints, expensive inorganic pigments were replaced with organic ones using carefully selected ratios of components, while the analogs fully correspond to the original colors. For the convenience of the user, the colors that are created with the replacement of pigments are indicated on the label with the letter “A” (analogue).

Ladoga oil paints mix well with each other. The palette of paints consists of the colors most demanded by artists.

For 85 years, the Nevskaya Palitra Artistic Paints Plant has been producing high-quality products for professional artists and art lovers. Today this is the only Russian company with a full cycle of production of professional art materials.Artists’ oil colours Ladoga represent a balanced palette of hues for professional education and creative work. Important is that analogs correspond in tone to the original colours.

The Ladoga Oil Paint Gift Set – 12 x 18 ml set contains:

  • 120ml. linseed oil for artistic painting
  • 2 brushes (No.2,No.3) NEVSKAYA PALITRA.
  • 12 colour tubes Zinc White *** or Titanium White ***, Cadmium Lemon (Hue) **, Cadmium Lemon Light (Hue) *** or Cadmium Lemon Medium (Hue) **, Cadmium Red Light ** or Cadmium Red Deep (Hue) **, Red Ochre *** or English Red *** or Indian Red ***, Cobalt Blue Medium (Hue) ** or Phthalocyanine Blue ** or Cobalt Blue Light (Hue) **, Ultramarine Light **, Cobalt Green Deep (Hue) ** or Cobalt Green Light (Hue) **, Viridian * or Phthalocyanine Green **, Raw Sienna *** or Ochre Light *** or Gold Ochre ***, Raw Umber Leningrad *** or Burnt Umber *** or Burnt Sienna ***,  Lamp Black ** or Shungite ***.

The materials are placed in special plastic packaging designed for repeated use and storage of artistic materials.

Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 0,25 cm


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