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The wide brushes from da Vinci FIT SYNTHETICS Mottler Series 5073 remain in shape even under heavy use. The brush is in competition with traditional brushes made of natural hair in terms of painting behavior and paint absorption capacity. In addition, the da Vinci FIT SYNTHETICS Mottler Series 5073 promises a double service life compared to the shaggy conventional school paint brush, which always tends to hair. The brush is particularly suitable for flat painting.

Product highlights:

  • dark grey, very elastic, short synthetic fibre
  • rust-proof steel ferrule
  • green matt handles with a newly developed surface structure
  • for liquid colours
  • for a wide variety of painting surfaces
  • DUROPLUS technique – particularly long lasting

This innovative product pushes the traditional brush with natural hair into the background when it comes to real painting and colour absorbing capacity

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Flat brushes


20, 30, 40, 50


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