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Creamy flexibility and resistance, for excellent traction adherence.

The Studio Acrylic color range is made with a selection of pigments based on their maximum stability and permanence to light, dispersed in a 100% acrylic emulsion. No fillers or pigments derived from heavy metals such as cadmium or cobalt are used, but they contain matting agents that give the colors a satin finish.

Colors Phoenix Studio Acrylic has a thick and creamy consistency, maintaining the lines or volumes created with a brush or spatula, forming a film of excellent adherence, flexibility and resistance. Due to its good adhesion, it can be worked on any support that is somewhat absorbent and free of grease and dust, such as canvas and paper, but also plaster, board, wood, stone or cement. They are waterproof, they do not yellow.

All colors can be mixed and matched with our Acrylic Auxiliaries.

Phoenix Studio Acrylic They are produced in accordance with European Safety Standards and Environmental Regulations and have the ASTM D-4236 (No Health Label Required) Certification in force in the United States.

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Blue, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Carmine red permanent, Cinnabar green, Cinnabar green burned, Cyan blue, Cyan primary, Green deep, Ivory black, Lemon, Light green, Magenta, Metallic bronze, Metallic gold, Metallic silver, Naples orange yellow, Naples yellow, Ochre yellow, Orange yellow, Oxide brown, Payne's grey, Prussian blue, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Red deep, Royal yellow, Sap green, Sky blue, Ultramarine deep, Vermillion (hue), Violet, White, Yellow medium, Zinc white


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