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Foil for gilding in flakes, silver 100 ml (1g). For finishing works and decorating any surface. The decorated surface should be evenly covered with a thin layer of gilding glue, Wait until the glue is completely transparent (mixtion dries much faster than glue). The glue / mixtion after drying is sticky. The foil flakes are best applied and smoothed with a very soft brush (eg a fan with synthetic bristles or a squirrel bristle brush). Remnants of the foil are also removed with a soft brush. The foil should be protected with gilding varnish or solvent lacquer. Do not use water-based varnishes because they cause oxidation of the film. Foil unprotected with varnish over time also oxidizes and changes colour.

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Pentart Silver Metal Flakes 100 ml (1 g)
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