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Pentart Classic 2 Step Crackle Varnish is great for adding a crackled, antique effect to creative projects in 2 simple steps. It can be used on different paint mediums like acrylic and oil and also on decoupage sheets. Also, it can be used to crackle effect over any finished projects like acrylic and oil paintings, decoupage projects, art journal pages, scrap book covers, cards etc.

The 2 Step Crackle Varnish has a 2-stage aging curing varnish, which after drying is transparent and creates a waterproof surface. Ideal for old-fashioned decoupage. Apply the first layer of lacquer (1/2) on the decorated surface, after it has dried the next (2/2). The second coat of lacquer will crack during drying. For better results you can fill porcelain cracks, liquid patina, aged paste or pigmented powder. The appearance of cracks depends on the direction of work and the thickness of the applied layers.

Multi-surface friendly, Works on all porous and non porous surfaces including wood, glass, metal, ceramic, plaster, paper, terracotta and more.
Works best with broad and flat brush. Apply base coat and top coat in same direction to get uniform cracks.
Allow the mediums to dry naturally for perfect crackle effect.

Pentart Classic 2 Step Crackle Varnish is not immune to frost.

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