Discover the Pébéo Vitrail products, paints specially designed to create effects on glass, acetate, polyester, Plexiglas surfaces and many more.

These products will allow you to give life to your creations with intense and luminous colors. Vitrail paints can be used in combination with Pébéo Cerne Relief to achieve precise and detailed outlines, thus adding an extra dimension to your works of art. Whether you want to create stained glass, decorative objects or unique artistic pieces, this combination of products offers endless creative versatility.

The colors of Vitrail products are known for their exceptional intensity and luminosity. They allow you to create vibrant and captivating effects, adding a touch of magic to your artistic creations. The good resistance to light of Vitrail products guarantees that your creations will remain radiant and durable over time. You can display your artwork in natural or artificial light with confidence, knowing that it will retain its original luster.

Vitrail products are available in two finishes: transparent and opalescent. This allows you to choose the finish that best matches your artistic vision and the effect you want to achieve.

Vitrail exploration set contains12 x 20 ml: white, lemon, crimson, pink, parma, cobalt blue, sky blue, turquoise, apple green, sand, black, gold

Weight 0,350 kg


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