Discover Pebeo Studio XL Fine Oil Metal Atelier Case, a fine quality oil that will allow you to explore the full extent of your artistic creativity. With its creamy paste, this oil offers a pleasant and fluid painting experience.

XL Studio Oil is ideal for working with material, allowing you to create unique textures and effects on your paintings. Whether you want to apply thick, textured brushstrokes or achieve fine detail, this oil will meet your artistic needs. The colors of XL Studio Oil are intense, permanent and finely ground, thus offering an exceptional quality of pigmentation. You will be able to create vibrant and expressive works of art with this rich and varied color palette.

A significant advantage of this oil is its quick drying, which allows you to work as an overcoat after only 3 days. This gives you flexibility and artistic freedom, allowing you to add detail or layer new layers of paint quickly.

Beginners and amateurs box for those wishing to learn the pleasure of painting. Complete with all necessary colors and accessories to get a creative project started, support included.

Includes 12 tubes 12ml assorted colors (cadmium orange, cadmium yellow, light green, magenta, light red, light violet, ultramarine blue, phthalocyanine blue, naples yellow, yellow ochre, burnt umber, phthalocyanine emerald), 5 tubes 20ml assorted colors ( titanium white, vivid white, ivory black, red earth, iridescent red blue), 1 palette, 2 pencils, 3 brushes, 1 canvas board, 1 eraser, 1 pencil sharpener, 2 plastic knives.

Weight 1,200 kg


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