Add a new dimension to your art with Pebeo “Studio Green” Phosphorescent Gel! Pebeo “Studio Green” Phosphorescent Gel is perfect for adding a touch of glowing brilliance to your paintings, sculptures, or any other creative project you can imagine. The gel is easy to apply, and the color is bright and intense. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, this gel is sure to inspire your creativity!

The auxiliaries of the Studio GREEN range have 100% recycled resin, which generates 6 to 7 times less CO2 emissions than traditional binders and which boasts performance in terms of adhesion, strength, flexibility and durability that is completely comparable to traditional acrylic resins. All these auxiliaries can be combined with each other for even more creative possibilities

Phosphorescent gel to produce a glow in the dark effect. Translucent, satin matt finish after drying. For best results, apply alone and thickly with a painting knife.

Mentions of Danger: Contains BIT & CMIT/MIT. May produce an allergic reaction.

Weight 0,350 kg


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