Discover Pébéo’s Artist Acrylics Auxiliaries range, a collection of auxiliaries specially designed to give you total control of your acrylic artistic creations. Whether it is to prepare the support, modify the properties of the colors or ensure an optimal finish and conservation of your works, these auxiliaries are your essential allies.

The auxiliaries from the Artist Acrylics Auxiliaries range allow you to effectively prepare your support before starting your work. From preparing the canvas to applying an undercoat, these products give you a solid foundation for your artistic style. Want to change the properties of your acrylic colors? The auxiliaries of the range are there to help you. You can play with the texture, transparency, shine or even the drying time of your colors to create unique and controlled effects.

Once your work is finished, the Artist Acrylics Auxiliaries range offers you finishing and conservation products. Varnishes, mediums or fixatives, these auxiliaries guarantee lasting protection for your creations, preserving the brilliance of the colors and ensuring resistance to external aggressions.

Bindex is used to prepare acrylic colours. It can also be used for collages and inlays. When mixed with colors, Bindex brilliant lends depth and brightness. Bindex gloss is also used for Pébéo mixedMEDIA techniques to create a protective layer before pouring on the Glazing Resin or the Crystal Resin.

Bindex Gloss is also used in Pebeo’s mixed techniques to create a protective layer before casting Glaze Resin or Crystal Resin.

Bindex is also available in a matte version in the Artist Acrylics line.

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1 L, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml


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