Discover Pébéo’s Studio Acrylics range and dive into a world of infinite creativity.

The Fine Acrylics in this range provide you with exceptional fine quality, allowing you to explore and express your art with precision and finesse. With their satin matt finish, Fine Acrylic paints add a subtle touch of elegance to your artistic creations. Whether you are looking for bright, intense colors or delicate shades, this range will meet all your color expectations.

Versatile and adherent, Acrylic paints allow you to explore a wide variety of artistic techniques and work the material according to your desires. Whether you prefer painting with a brush, palette knife, or other creative tools, these acrylics are perfect for your style and artistic vision. The luminous and pigmented colors of Fine Acrylics allow you to create lively and captivating works. Whether you want dynamic, fluorescent or phosphorescent effects, this range offers you an extensive palette to bring your boldest ideas to life.

The Studio Acrylics range is also ideal for mixed media and Mixed Media®. It blends perfectly with other mediums and materials, allowing you to create rich and complex textures in your works.

Assortment of 10/20/30 fine quality paints, with a matt-satin finish, accompanied by a brush.

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10 colours, 20 colours, 30 colours


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