Since 1930, Pébéo has made a name by working closely with students, amateur and professional artists. By this collaboration, major innovations have appeared: Dyna and Glaze colours, the Mixed Media® concept and now the 4ARTIST MARKER range!

As one of the most recent players on the Fine Arts and Graphic Arts colour market, Pébéo has successfully positioned itself at the crossroads between tradition and modernity.

You can use this spectacular Pebeo Setacolor Expandable Paint for Setacolor fabric paints for dimensional patterns. For bright colours, simply apply the paste with a brush, allow to dry and then apply Setacolor expandable paints as desired.

For Pastel colours mix the Pebeo Setacolor Expandable Paint with one of the Setacolor paints, then apply as mentioned above. In both cases, allow to dry, then expand by ironing on the reverse side of the fabric or use a hair dryer.

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