Discover Pébéo’s Aerosol Pastels and Charcoal Fixative, an acrylic base varnish specially designed to fix your works made with pastels and charcoals. This superior quality hairspray gives you reliable protection while preserving the original look of your artistic creations.

Pébéo’s Aerosol Pastels and Charcoal Fixative is formulated with a non-yellowing acrylic base, ensuring your artwork stays as beautiful as day one. By applying it to your pastels and charcoals, you can fix the pigments without altering their appearance or texture. So subtle gradations, delicate strokes and color nuances remain intact, providing true fidelity to your artistic work.

This fixative comes in a handy 200ml format, allowing you to cover a large area and fix multiple works with just one spray can. Its application is simple and homogeneous, ensuring an even protective layer on your creations. By using the Pébéo Pastels and Charcoals Aerosol Fixative, you extend the life of your artistic creations while providing them with effective protection against friction, dust and frequent handling. Your works thus remain preserved and their beauty intact over time.

The fixative for pastels, pencils and charcoals is designed for dry techniques. It will be enable drawings to be protected without changing the hue for the sustainable conservation of works.

Properties :

  • Acrylic varnish: Non-yellowing, transparent and satin finish
  • Drying : Dust free, 2 to 3 hours depending on the thickness and temperature
  • Cleaning of tools: With petroleum spirit

Applications :

The fixative for pastels, pencils and charcoals is intended for dry techniques. It will allow to protect the drawings without modifying the tint for a durable conservation of the works.

* Dangerous – Respect the precautions of use.

Weight N/A

200 ml, 400 ml


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