Pebeo Fragonard Gel Medium stands out from the colourless painting medium for having more “body”: it makes the colour more fluid without losing its reactivity. It has great brilliance and transparency and produces glazes of exceptional glow. The Pebeo Fragonard Gel Medium is virtually non-yellowing. It strengthens the adhesion of layers and accelerates the drying time of the colour. It is used primarily in the surface coats. Thinner: mineral spirit.


  •     Composed of alkyd, acrylic resins, and polyamide wax
  •     Glossy and transparent
  •     Cleaning : Mineral spirits or turpentine


It differs from colorless painting medium by more body. It fluidifies the color without losing its nervousness. With its great qualities of brilliance and transparency, it allows you to obtain glazes of exceptional brilliance. It reinforces the adhesion of the paint layers and accelerates the drying of the color. Used primarily in the top layers.


  • May cause drowsiness or dizziness.
  • Contains 2-BUTANONE OXIME. May produce an allergic reaction
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