A Pebeo discovery set of Fantasy Prisme colours. Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Honeycomb Effects Paint Set is a fantastic range of multi surface craft paint available in 18 colours. Easy to use, you can apply with a dropper, brush or directly from the bottle on flat and horizontal surfaces. The Moon effect reveals itself while drying to display a unique hammered, marble pattern.

Ideal for almost all surfaces including metal, wood, ceramic, canvas, glass, terracotta, porcelain, mirror, jewellery and also much more. Furthermore, dries to an enameled appearance, with a glossy and opaque finish.

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Discovery Set – 6 x 20 ml includes a selection of popular colours: eggshell white, cherry blossom, Caribbean blue, turquoise, onyx, old gold.

Fantasy Prisme Exploration Set – 12 x 20 ml colours : eggshell white, buttercup, vermilion, English red, pearl violine, midnight blue, turquoise, emerald, cinnamon, onyx, old gold, moonstone.

Fantasy Prisme Collection Set – 10 x 45 ml : eggshell white, vermilion, cherry blossom, icy pink, midnight blue, Caribbean blue, leaf green, moonstone, onyx, antique gold, 1 white cerne relief 20 ml, 1 gold cerne relief 20 ml, 1 plastic dropper, 1 leaflet

Packaging is recyclable and made from 66% recycled card.


Stir the colours thoroughly with a stick before use.

The PEBEO Fantasy Prisme colours:

  • Can be applied using a dropper, a brush (ex: Pébéo Aqua round or Pure Sable by depositing the colour without pulling on it), or by pouring directly from the bottle on a flat and horizontal surface in a thick coat on a carefully degreased surface.
  • Can be used with the VITRAIL cerne relief with nozzle.
  • The use of the VITRAIL Sparkling Medium adds glittering effects.
  • The Fantasy Prisme colours used on fresh Vitrail colours give «surprising» effects.
  • The effect obtained when drying depends on the thickness of the application.
  • To add a rounded effect to your creations, use the Gédéo Glazing resin. To lend a rounded effect to your works, use Gédéo Glazing Resin. Apply a coat of Bindex (8 hours drying) to the Fantasy Prisme colours when completely dry (minimum 72 hours) before pouring on the Gédéo Glazing Resin.
  • The objects decorated with the Fantasy Prisme colours must be considered uniquely as decorative objects and only surfaces that are not intended to be in contact with food can be decorated.
  • Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed get prompt medical attention and show the packaging or label.
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Collection, Exploration, Initiation


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