Pebeo T7 Gouache Extra Fine is a pigment-rich, extra-fine gouache of very high quality. It’s fine, flexible creamy texture adheres well to the canvas, allowing finely detailed work on many different surfaces. The finish is highly opaque. matt, velvety and perfectly even. Once dry, the colours remain fresh and luminous, and do not “bloom” after mixing and thinning.

The Gouache Extra-Fine T7 range is suitable with other techniques including pencil, felt-tip, watercolours, pastels and also acrylics. The T7 range is extremely adherent, will not flake. Suitable for all lightweight supports including paper – grainy, smooth, white or coloured, craft paper and also cardboard.

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Bengal pink lake, Black lake, Bright red ochre, Burnt sienna, Burnt umber, Cerulean blue, Covering white, Cyan, Dark cadmium red, Dark cobalt blue, Dark cobalt violet, Emerald green, Flesh, Golden cadmium yellow, Green gold, Heliotrope, Lemon cadmium yellow, Light blue, Light bright green, Light chrome yellow, Light emerald green, Light green, Light orange, Madder lake brown, Magenta, Metallic rich gold, Middle bright green, Middle cadmium yellow, Naples yellow, Olive green, Parma violet, Payne's grey, Permanent white, Primary yellow, Prussian blue, Raw sienna, Raw umber, Sepia, Silver, Spring green, Superfine carmine, Titanium white, Trichromatic black, Ultramarine blue, Velvet brown, Vermillion red, Yellow ochre


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