Pebeo Collection Ceramic Set are an economical and interesting way to start decorating terracotta, earthenware and ceramic objects. This solvent-based paint offers a lacquer effect that is perfectly resistant to light with vibrant colors.

For a perfect finish on porous substrates, we recommend that you apply a pore-sealing undercoat before painting. A word of advice from a professional: to avoid dripping when applying to rounded surfaces, we recommend that you do not overload your brush. Pébéo Ceramic colors can be worked with a brush, a sponge, a stencil or the tank technique.

You can also use them in thickness and combine them with other materials such as sand or engravings with a stick to obtain even more original effects. In combination with colors from Pébéo’s Fantasy Moon range, Ceramic colors can also create marbling effects.

Pebeo Collection Ceramic Set drying time is very fast, in just 2 hours you can touch your creations, and in 10 hours the drying is complete. Ceramic colors can be thinned with odorless mineral spirits or white spirit. Pébéo Ceramic paints are used by both professionals and hobbyists. For those looking for a quality paint for their decoration projects on terracotta, ceramic and earthenware, you have what you need!

Pebeo Collection Ceramic Set contains 10 x 45 ml : white, rich yellow, orange, cherry red, cyclamen, sevres blue, turquoise, leaf green, black, precious gold, 1 silver cerne relief 20 ml, 1 black cerne relief 20 ml, 1 fan brush no. 6, 1 leaflet

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